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Slitting (Option)




#DM0202  MULTILAM 460

#DM207  MULTILAM 660

#DM207ST  Optional Stand 36 - 46 - 66



The MULTILAM 360 Dual series of double and single sided laminators allows you to do all possible kinds of lamination with just one ultra compact flexible machine at a really attractive price.

• Single sided thin film / thin substrate.

• Single side thin film / thicker substrate with double sided print

• Double sided thick film medium to thick substrate encapsulation

• Cold film pressure sealing

The MULTILAM 360 Dual has a totally new de-curling system with 2 distinct types of de-curler, a unique variable height rotating roller for de-curling of thicker stock with absolutely no scratching of the inner side - perfect for digital print. It also has a variable height de-curling bar for sharper de-curling of thin stock that usually can’t be de-curled properly, and a bypass for straight through flow of double sided laminate. This, coupled with the best quality of soft sili- cone rollers, will absorb any digital print height variance on the sheet and eliminate bubbling. Make no mistake - this industrial duty machine is probably the best that money can buy.


  • Suitable for all types of film (matt & gloss) from 25 > 250 microns
  • Spring assisted roller pressure up to 30 kg
  • Variable speed to 2,0M/min
  • Variable temp from cold to 150°C
  • Infeed width to 360mm, roll width max. 340mm
  • Adjustable infeed guide, Fully guarded infeed
  • Reverse function, 1Inch mandrel std, 2, 3 Inch optional
  • 2 roll holders for rolls up to 1000M
  • Optional high roll holder for rolls up to 3000M
  • Optional perfing and slitting blades (see pict)
  • Roller anticurling system for single sided lamination

Technical specifications:


  • Width 36 with de-curling
  • Digital control panel
  • Optimal film thickness from 20 mic bopp for single-sided

use to 200 mic pet for double-sided use

  • 2 types of de-curler fitted: roller and blade
  • Upper and lower roll holders
  • Extra high upper roll holder is suitable for jumbo rolls to ca. 30cm diameter upper, to ca. 20cm diameter lower.
  • Floating tensioner roller
  • Adjustable web tensioner brake
  • 1/3 inch mandrels on upper holder
  • Finest full conformal silicone rubber heated rolls
  • Most sensitive heat thermostat on the roller core
  • Adjustable pressure to 400N (40kgf)
  • Infinitely adjustable de-curler bar and roller
  • De-curler bypass function
  • Substrate To 2 mm
  • Warm up time Ca. 10 min
  • Temp. adjustment Cold up to 150 degrees Celsius
  • Speed adjustment From 0.3 to 2,7 m/min in 9 steps
  • Digital heat and speed display
  • Single side heat cut off switch
  • Reverse function
  • Adjustable left side lay
  • Safety cover with interlock


Options: Film trimmer-perfer rotary knives with guards,
     film cutter tool

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