Technical specifications:


Power : 220/240V - 50hz, 150W

Dimensions : 60x60x40cm

Weight : 15kg

Packing Tri wall carton : 20kg

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New options that make your card cutter even more flexible:

• Fully adjustable cutting length, you set the length you desire from

min 45mm to 127mm.

• Middle roller creasing module, makes your cards instantly ready

for folding (A4 only).

• Middle roller perfing module, makes your cards instantly ready

to become tickets with a tear off flap (A4 only).

Applicable is the web based card layout site where you can upload your text and our software will prepare the print layout for you automatically in seconds. (A user fee for access to this service is applicable).

Card size adjusted by button for standard sizes: 85x45, 85x50, 85x54, 85x95, 85x127, as well as infinitely adjustable repeat cut length from
40 to 150mm in 0.2mm increments (user programmed on keypad).

For southern and eastern Europe the slitting width can be reset by the dealer to make the following sizes: 89x45, 89x50, 89x54, 89x95, 89x127

- Slitting width of 89mm available (optional cassette)

- Perfing: optional cassette A4 only

- Scoring: optional cassette A4 only

- Paper weight A4 model from 180 to 350 gsm

- Paper weight SRA3 model from 180 to 300 gsm

- Tray capacity 8mm

- Infeed size SRA3 model: SRA3 or A3 or A4 short edge first

- Infeed size A4 model: A4

- Process speed: Ca. 4,5 sheet/min. of A4 or ca. 3.5 sheet/min. of SRA3


  • Computer chip controlled, change format at the touch of a button,

no tools needed ever

  • Five standard card sizes pre programmed
  • Adjustable first cut length and for follow on cuts to take into account
  • image drift, unique on this class of machine
  • Standard fitment mark reader for automatic self adjustment on-
  • the-fly for compensation of variable image drift (a feature only found on

machines costing 15 times more)

  • Adjustable gutter cut length and card length by up to +-2 mm for
  • custom length cards. Adjustable first and follow on cuts by up to +-2mm.

Width and side slitting width, done via the keyboard

  • Handles card stock from 180 gsm to 300 gsm no adjustment needed
  • Feeds most kinds of stock, special feed rollers and separator ensure no
  • double feeds or marking even with matt coated papers*
  • Feed tray holds ca. 8 mm of paper
  • Self compensating for paper density and thickness
  • Processes up to 4,5 sheets per minute
  • Adjustable card reception tray for shorter and longer cards
  • Cutting precision better than 0.1 mm
  • Long lasting slitter wheels and cross cutter blade
  • Replacement of blades is quick and easy
  • Light weight, easily transported to point of use
  • Small space requirement. Fits virtually anywhere, very quiet operation,

cutting area fully guarded with interlock

  • Infinite adjustable repeat cut from 45 to 127 mm (user programmed)
  • Optional perfing or scoring tools (separate cassette)
  • Perfing and scoring diagram

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