Dumor is a brand of cost-effective printfinishing devices targeted on copyshops, digital printinghouses and reprographic facilities covering a wide range of products with innovative features, modern design and easy operating.
All equipment is stocked, certificated and inspected in Europe to meet European standards and safety regulations.


The people behind Dumor are passionate about what they do and have many years of experience in the graphical market, business consumables, product-development and International trade. The Dutch based Dumor headquarters is based within a 40km strategic radius of the Rotterdam harbour.


Dumor works with a wide spread dealer-network covering Western-, Eastern Europe.

Printfinishing made easy !

Dumor! is a global supplier of innovative, smart and value for money printfinishing equipment geared towards the digital finishing world! All the Dumor! products are stocked in Europe and sold by a wide spread dealer network around Western, Eastern -Europe and the Middle East.

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